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Intuitive Readings

Intuitive Readings

Given the inherited and blessed ability to communicate with the other side, I offer supportive guidanace in conjuction with my guides and yours to help with life's situations while bringing awareness to the power of love, peace, and healing. My ultimate goal is to assist in providing the comfort, space, hope, and closure you need, while uplifting  you and helping to boost your personal growth and well being!


This listing is for a 30 minute session via phone or zoom. 


*Please be advised that the information provided during the session is not controlled by me, it is what I am given from the other side. There may be information received that may be uncomfortable, questions that remain unanswered, etc. and in agreeing to the reading you understand that I am not liable for any disheartened feelings. None of the information provided during the sessions should take the place of a medical or legal professional. Thank you for your understanding and I look forward to working with you! :)

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