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Our Story

Flora and Frankincense is the culmination of spiritual gifts of intuition and healing, and the power and benefits of Mother Nature's herbs and flowers.  My products are the result of both of my Puerto Rican grandmothers teachings of herbs, healing, and spirituality, along with years of research, study, and performing healing modalities. 


 We take pride in that our products are proof that simple is enough, less is more, and gentle can be effective. Our ingredients are purchased, grown, and/or foraged by us to ensure they are high quality and as natural as possible with most of our products containing 80-100% natural ingredients. We ensure that our fragrances are free of carcinogens, reproductive toxins, and common hazardous chemicals such as phthalates, and we always ensure our ingredients and products are cruelty free. Every product you buy is filled with love, good energy, and a little piece of my family heritage.  I have taught my daughter what her great-grandmothers taught me, and Flora and Frankincense is now a family affair. 

​Thank you for supporting my little business.  In doing so, you support generations of women who dance a little jig every time a sale is made.

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